Tuesday, December 21

on my first time at the pulpit.

this morning, i gave the sermon at the early morning mass, with the parents in tow.

the theme was 'christ incarnated through the family', and i shared about my experiences growing up to an ultra-conservative household where sunday was almost everyday, family rosaries had a weekly quota, and bible studies were made part of the domestic curriculum.

this would have been unimaginable, say, five years back -- since during those days, when my own intellectual pursuits were leading me towards a world that was dominated by logic and rationality, faith was an abstraction that my mind instinctively rejected.

i was an agnostic back then, and it did not help that the institution that represented my faith was wracked with dark and brooding evil. and it absolutely did not help that i was immersed in a university that prioritized the refinement of knowledge above all else, spiritual conquests were relegated to the periphery.

but now, i can say that i have my faith.

but it's something personal, and i do not subject myself to the social constructs of religion -- because these constructs, after all, are dictated by the dominants and the religious hegemons.

i believe in a higher being, but i do not subscribe to the claims of predetermination.

i have my faith, but i still think that the holy men in cloth are not so holy, and in some cases, they are the unholiest in society.

i believe in the divine, but i do not allow the stars to dictate my fate -- since i am more inclined to embrace the worldview of atheists that you define your life; not fate, not destiny, and definitely not detached externalities.

but given this perceived and concedable inchoateness of my religious beliefs, and my strong suspicion that i will be rejected by religious purists (DUH), should i be worried that at the end of the day, i am still excluded from the chaste and the pure?

again, i do not care.

all i care about is i have my god, and even when the pope has unceasingly lashed out at contemporary pseudo-religiosities and quasi-concepts of religious relativism, i do not fucking care.

all i care about is i have my god, and i have a faith that i am solely accountable to.

and oh, i also have a wish for my nine morning masses.


Mu[g]en said...

One of these days, I will share with you my brand of faith. :P

Magagalit si Papa Jesus! Hindi mo daw nirerespeto si Padre.... LOLZ!

claudiopoi said...

sige lang, share mo lang. religion mo naman yan eh. :p

nirerespeto naman, kahit papano. pero for me, depende din sa tao yan eh. hindi porket pari, ay busilak na talaga ang budhi.

syempre, seryoso kong sinagot ang mga queries mo diba? hahaha

Will said...

"i have my faith, but i still think that the holy men in cloth are not so holy, and in some cases, they are the unholiest in society."

Tumpak na tumpak!

Congrats dahil kaya mong i-define ang iyong paniniwala. Nahihirapan pa rin kasi akong tanggapin ang mga iyan.

claudiopoi said...

okay lang yan, will. dadating lang yan sayo. wag ka lang padikta sa mga church elders. ahaha. may poot? :)

Anonymous said...

about religion...i don't really go against the people who runs it and to be specific the Catholic Church...i have understand long before that it is not them whom you do listen/believe but it is the preaching...catholic church is not that perfect as we thought it to be...

just as we ordinary humans we have our own flaws...because whether we like it or not we accept it or not there are truths as to what they telling...what is important is this...

A C C E P T A N C E...from there you will find true peace and happiness...irregardless of what church/religion you belong.

Yj said...

basta ako, marunong din akong lumuhod at sumamba...

may sarili din akong diyos!


glentot said...

I always quote my friend who once told me that it's not your religion that matters, it's the relationship that exists between you and your God. It's basically useless to ask someone what their religion is, because it should not define them as a person, and this I believe in. And at the end of the day, after a full day of having to show yourself to people, you will eventually have to face yourself, and it only matters if you lied to yourself or not - that's religion for me.

However, I would like to believe that everything has been written by a higher power. I think the idea of destiny is romantic, I remind myself of it everyday. Woke up late for work? Got stuck in traffic? And in the process, met someone? Must be destiny.

The Real Megan Fox said...

@ Glentot... puta ka! sure na google din yang comment mo!

umayos ka!

Anonymous said...

a great reflection for a great guy... ^^


claudiopoi said...

to anonymous, yes, acceptance is truly the key. and i may get disillusioned with the institution, but i constantly remind myself that my faith is larger than the men of cloth who run it. tao din sila, tama, kaya nga i choose to be selective with some aspects of my religion.

yj, haha. anung religion ba yan? cannibalism? LOL. basta ba masaya ka sa pagluluhod, im happy na din for you yj! miss na kita! :p

at talaga glentot? hmm. hopeless romantic ka din pala sa kaibuturan ng puso mo? haha. apir! ang galing naman. niromanticize mo ang religion/fate/destiny. ang tanong, nangyari na ba sayo yung scenario na yun? :p

grabe naman the real megan fox, pero in the fair, kamukha mo nga si megan fox. haha! sana tapos na lahat ng school shit mo, and ienjoy mo na vacation mo. miss ko na ang mga CBs!

Jepoy said...

Gusto ko sanang mag comment ng bongga kaso wag nalang nahiya naman kasi sa englishing here.

But, I kinda agree on what Glentot basot said.

Yun lang. Fine hindi ako invited sa EB last time.

Peter said...

I guess faith in a divine being keeps us together -- regardless of a religion or having one for that matter. Have a peaceful Christmas which I'm sure Dumaguete does have.

claudiopoi said...

jepoy: hongaaaaaa eh. tinanong ko nga sila! kaso low profile lang yung meet up na yun. mahiyain kasi me. hihi. :)) next time ha, bigyan kita ng danggit din. nagbabalak na naman kasi akong magliwaliw ulit sa manela soooon.

peter: i am expecting a peaceful christmas, yes. i hope ikaw din. and salamat pala sa pagbisita. :)

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