Wednesday, February 6


let me tell you about the night that i just had. i spent it in the midst of dancing fireflies, with my feet buried in sand, and my heart kept calm by the crashing of the waves. although darkness cradles brooding and dark things, this time, it soothes my soul. being enveloped by it, with nothing but the wind to caress me, and the stars to give me hope, i start to understand that although i am by my lonesome, i am not alone.

the rhythm of the crashing waves speaks of beauty, and Robert Frost was right when he said that in the hierarchy of beauty, nature is the most beautiful of all: for one just inhales its beauty and understands that it is beautiful, without any need for asking why. as my right foot twitches from being buried underneath the warm sand, i begin to understand that the universe talks to you in the simplest, and yet most beautiful, of things.

i close my eyes. and bask in the comfort of knowing that this, here, now, is one of life's greatest gifts, and as i try to purge my soul of all things obligatory and routinary, i revisit my penchant for beautiful and heartwarming things. and as i own up to my minuteness in the grand configuration of the universe, i feel loved: by the waves, the wind, the stars, the trees, the sand.

and in an instant, i forget that the world has broken me, because i am reattached into one coherent whole again. this is why my heart breathes, and from now on, i shall continue to consummate my yearning for anything and everything ethereal.

universe, thank you.