Thursday, December 30

the year that was.

on life.

it does not wait for you to grow up.

you have to grow up on your own,
and realize
that life does not change for you.

and that
the change in perspective
has to come from you.

because if you constantly wait
for something to happen,
you will get frustrated.

but if you set your heart on life goals,
you will be spurred on
by your little victories.

on love.

there is a considerable difference
between falling in love
and settling.

never be pressured
to be in a relationship.

just wait for love to come,

do not force
nor feign it.

pretending will only
break other people's hearts,
and make you an asshole.

but do listen
when your heart speaks to you
for it oftentimes speaks softly.

on family.

as much as possible,
be on good terms
with your family.

you will find that when
familial relationships are impaired,
there will always be
something intangible
that gnaws at your very core.

it's hard to be genuinely happy
when there are several loose strings
that need some fixing.

your family
will always be your lifesavers.

no matter what.
and under all circumstances.

on friends.

you don't have to please everyone.

and it is okay for some friendships
to wither,
especially if you do not feel good
about yourself
when you are with them.

never change who you are
just to please others
and make them like you.

always trust your instincts
when it comes to choosing
your friends.

keep old ones,
but be careful in making new ones.

on work.

sooner or later
you will realize
that being mainstream
requires you to think less
so you can earn more.

but never allow yourself
to be sucked alive
by a job that you do not see yourself
doing for a long time.

revisit your little boy's yearnings:
what did you want to become?

a change in career path
is always possible.

you just have to be steadfast
and unwavering
in satiating what your heart
truly desires.

never settle for anything less.

chase your life dream.
even if it takes all your energy.

because in the end,
it will all be worth it.

on beer.

never let it control you.

if it reaches a point where your life
has been unduly disrupted,
and your social circles have been impaired,

drop the bottle.

because it can be destructive,
especially if your self-control
only exists in theory.

on reputation.

always keep your self-image
in check.

for the damage,
once it is inflicted,
is oftentimes irreversible.

do not be the person
that people will look at
and say:

what has happened to him?
he used to be good,
but now,
he is disappointment personified.

your self-image will always be
what sustains you.

never compromise your integrity.

on yourself.

always remember
to love yourself more.


Will said...

Good luck sa 2011, Claudio. At tama na ang beer. Balita ko marami kang inuman sked ngayon.

claudiopoi said...

hai naku, halatang nag skip read! hehe. oo. magpapakalango ako sa alak ngayon. pang last na to. neksyir na kasi ulit ako iinom!

Anonymous said...

Kol.. mao na ni best nako na inspiring realization na nabasa nako karong tuiga... wahehehe... happy new year...

WV: HILAZ - mao na ni ron...

Will said...

at bakit ako mag-iiskipread, e buhay ko ang pagbabasa??

di ako kagaya ng iba dyan! ayoko magsabi ng names. lol


claudiopoi said...

kikomaxx: salamat bai. hehe. :) ikaw pud, unta maayo ang sulod sa bag-ong tuig kanimo dinha sa dabaw.

will: weh? :p

Will said...

kakainis!!! >:(

claudiopoi said...

will, wag tayo mag chat dito.

baka isipin ng iba popular ang blog ko dahil hanep sa comments. panay exchanges lang pala natin.

HAHAHAHA. peace! :)

Ungaz said...

imba ka talaga pagdating sa mga ganyan...kudos!hehehe.

Deej Ecdao said...

I love the way you think Claudio! I must admit that our perceptions in Love and Family are almost the same.

Deej of

ahmer said...

The last line Rocks! : )

Yj said...

wow nasapul ako sa on love..

sige break na tayo... it's not funny anymore.... yaiy

Happy New Year baby Poi... muahz

good luck satin sa 2011... at after new year na tayo mag break ha! ahahahahaha

Andy said...

may God bless you more in 2011, claudiopoi!

Happy New Year! next time pag nagkita tayo, hindi na ako tahimik at wala na akong sakit. :p

glentot said...

Hindi ako nag-skip read, pero nagskipping rope ako while reading para may challenge ahaha.

I liked what you said about not settling for less. I have learned that lesson, too bad I had to learn it a lot of times. I'm a 23 year old just once in my life and it would suck to look back and regret choices dictated not by my own desire but by availability.

Happy New Year!

claudiopoi said...

ungaz, pasensiya na, pero what's imba? hahaha. di ko talaga alam!

deej, salamat naman. :)

ahmer, i know right? hehe. madalas kong ginagamit yan sa mga posts ko. :)

yj, talaga? break na ba? naging sad naman ako bigla. chos! haha :)

andy, hay naku, sana nga! ang tahimik mo nung nakaraan eh. effort kang kausapin. hehe. joke!

glentot, again, there's a difference between falling in love and settling! haha :) happy new year sayo kaibigan, sana maganda ang pasok ng bagong taon sayo!

The Gasoline Dude said...

WAH! Pwedeng pwede 'tong material for a coffeetable book. Photos na lang ang kulang. :)

Love your lines on life, love and reputation. APIR!

claudiopoi said...

salamat mr gasolina sirrrrrr! hehe! happy new year! apir! :)

Carlo said...

on work : "chase your life dream even if it takes all your energy. because in the end, it will all be worth it." - maraming salamat at sinabi mo ito clyde. :)

on beer and on friends: Carlo and Clyde ba ang ibig mong sabihin? hahaha. Inuman na!

claudiopoi said...

hahaha. carlo! nakakaasar. hindi pa din ako nakapagmove on sa 500 na pinambayad ko sa tryke kagabi. =/

claudiopoi said...

mr gas dude! ayan, may mga pics na! :)

Carlo said...

kasi naman, san san inaabot ng inuman haha! ayun oh may pics na oh. naks naka-kurbata pa oh hehe.

Will said...

gusto kong maging tricycle driver pag ikaw ang pasahero. nyahahaha.

claudiopoi said...

carlo, ai oo. ganyan talaga. para maging successful sa pagbebenta ng kabaong!

will, letche! gusto ko na mag move on dun =/

Carlo said...

haha! kasi kasi. next time pag iinom make sure walang 500 sa bulsa ah. siguraduhing naipambili lahat ng beer. haha

Nowitzki Tramonto said...

hehe. Happy New Year claudiopoi!
inuman na! XD

ahmer said...

may mga pics pala ere. hehe

claudiopoi said...

ngayon lang po yan kuya ahmer. hehe :)

Herbs D. said...

Aww. Me girls. How I miss em

claudiopoi said...

haha. they miss you so much din herbs. you have no idea. :) hope everything is well with you over there.

badet said...

it's already February but the contents of your post is something worth pondering everyday. pang-poster, hehe... love it.

claudiopoi said...

thanks badet! :)