Sunday, March 13


it's amazing how through time, we change without us even realizing that we have become different people.

sometimes, the demarcation of what used to be and what presently is becomes so pronounced that we even question: has it been that long?

i was in a pensive mood last night after the endless spell of boredom finally made me check my old friendster account. the distinction of who i used to be -- from my writing, pictures, and blog -- is a far cry from the jaded person that i am right now.

back then, promises weren't empty and a kiss was as sweet as the first flower that blooms in spring. i found myself scratching my head, partly in awe, after i reread what i wrote about me in my account.

after just two years, where has this person gone to?

about me:

  • i live for the moment, knowing that somehow, the future is slowly realigning to make way for my happiness.

    i would like to believe that somehow, there is someone out there whose wishes are intertwined with mine, and whose dreams i alone can complete.

    i live each day in passivity, but i know that when the time is right and the stars realign to affirm my destiny, i will be in the arms of my soulmate, my lover, my bestfriend; and i know, i just do, that my sunrises and sunsets will be more magical than today.

    i yearn for someone who will love me for 5 days, 5 months, 5 years, or 50 years; someone who disregards time and only looks at the timelessness of my affection. someone who will move heaven and earth just to be with me; someone whose completeness i will complement and whose existence too, complements me.

    i long for someone who will still yearn for the sweetness of my lips even after a long day, or even during mornings when I myself cannot stand the stench of my breath. someone whose words are not empty promises, but are assurances that one day, someday, we will bask in the eternity of loving each other. someone who will patiently gather the fragments of my broken self each time i succumb to depression, and meticulously reattach the pieces without qualms or misgivings.

    perhaps it is a curse that i am forever destined to be a hopeless romantic, but i am unfazed, because i believe in the power of love and in the grander scheme of things.

    though today i wallow in the solitude of submitting to passivity, i look forward to the day of my completion: when i will live not just for myself, but for YOU, and for the FUTURE that we will spend together.


sad ei?


Nowitzki Tramonto said...

romanticist ever... hanggang ngayun? :)

Yj said...

if you can admit to yourself and say that you are jaded... then you are not!

not just yet....

ang old profile mo sa friendster... parang profile lang sa Manjam at PR...


come back home to me babyPoi... wag mo na kasing labanan kung ano man yang nararamdaman mo para sakin.. hihihihi chot!

Mu[g]en said...

Me hawig ka poi!! Hahaha.

Andy said...

it's true that when we check out how your life in the past, we will wonder how much we have changed.

buti na lang naitago ko ang "the-kid-in-me" ko para minsan eh binabalik-balikan ko ang pagiging bata. haha!

red the mod said...

In this case, time is irrelevant. Our beliefs and valuations can change by the action of experience, as swiftly as the passing of tides. Two years may seem momentary, insignificant, but if you look back within that period, maybe the breadth of experience will provide clue to such a change in perspective.

I subscribe to the idea that people don't really change per se. We merely become closer to our true selves as we evolve, or if not, we are seeking the appropriate path towards that.

Essentially you are the same person, being a romantic is, partly, being emotionally stubborn. And in the face of this jagged, jaded, jittery jostle of a world we live in, is actually a good thing.

Manech said...

I don't think the romantic in anyone dies. Find it again. :)

The Gasoline Dude said...

Baka si Thia Megia ang soulmate mo. LOLOLOLOLOL!

Katmichelle said...

well, because my friendster account is long gone, i kind of get to check my old self on my old blog posts, but the oldest entries only date as far as 2006. wish i could get hold of something i wrote even when i was still in college.

anyway, you really seem like a hopeless romantic and that's rare for a guy (right?) but i like that you admit that you are one. others will be embarrassed to do so.

we all want to find that special person who was born to find their way to us. i hope you find yours :)