Tuesday, October 19

because sometimes i need to be reminded.

dear claudiopoi,

how are you? i know that things are not so rosy in your life right now, but always remember that you have vowed to personify desiderata in your life — so take everything in stride, ride with the wind, and always take care of your heart.

i have been meaning to write you a letter, if only to remind you (yet again) that you need to temper your over-indulgent exploits and lessen your propensity for hurting other people’s hearts.

do not be afraid if you feel that the daredevil in you is silently spiriting away — youth, after all, commences.

and when it does, do not be afraid, because the universe will realign for you, for it progresses with your progression. so stop wasting your time fretting and worrying. it will do you no good.

claudiopoi, you are not getting any younger, and no matter how much the world seems to create the impression that you do not belong here, you know deep in your heart that you do.

so embrace the trappings of the world: be pleasant with all people, rekindle long lost friendships, and smile when your heart needs to breathe.

yes, breathing seems to be a luxury these days. with the world filled with so much clutter, noise, and garbage, a breather from it all will surely do wonders for you.

listen to a good song and reconnect with your affinity to movies that warm your heart and pick your brain. notice the melody in the pitter-patter of rain, inhale the earthy musk of newly-drenched soil, and smell the enthralling beauty of crimson sunsets.

these passions, I believe, will never be extinguished — you just need to make sure that you take the time to revisit them, because this is what feeds your soul.

more importantly, always remember what you are: to yourself and to people who matter to you.

know, most especially, that your family is always your shield when the world you try to create starts to crumble down. in a sea of strangers, and in the turbulent tide of life and living, they are what keeps you afloat at all times.

affirm them everyday. make them feel the genuinity of your gestures, never give them false expectations, and always be a reason for their happiness. you have to make always a possibility.

your friends, particularly, are your strength when your heart has had too much of the world’s vicissitudes. they can provide the electric impulses in the right part of your heart when your emotions get intense, and your heart’s congenital condition cannot fathom the depth and breadth of sadness.

and most importantly, be comforted by your knowledge that whether it is clear to you or not, the universe is unfolding as it should.

you might not comprehend the immediacy of grief nor the inevitability of mourning, but the universe is slowly but silently preparing you for your eventual emancipation.

love yourself more.

sincerely yours, claudiopoi


Eternal Wanderer... said...

and i resoundly say, amen!

p.s. wonderful blog you have here. i hope you don't mind i follow :)

claudiopoi said...

oi, eternal wanderer. salamat naman sa pag-like mo ng blog ko. sige, i don't mind (naman!) :D dalaw dalaw din ako sa site mo. :)

Anna said...

ang galing naman. kailangan talaga ng reminder sa atin everyday. sabi nga nila, dapat sinusulat natin lagi para hindi makalimutan. =)

ahmer said...

Whoah! Nice. I don't remember I wrote a dear me letter but I've always talked to myself. Always. However it's a delightful conversation.

Nawaha sa pag ka emo ko? Haha

claudiopoi said...

Anna: salamant! oo. sinulat ko sa sarili ko yan nung nakaraan, kasi sobrang malungkot ako. kapag sinusulat kasi, parang nakakagaan ng pakiramdam. ang sarap lang sa puso. :)

Amher: sumasagot ka naman sa sarili mo? hehe :D oie. kung alam mo lang kung gano ako ka-emo, pandidirihan moko. may isang post pa nga ako eh na nahihiya kong ipublish kasi parag ang drama lang. haha :) tapos na din pala yung part 2 ng lasinga. ineedit ko lang. :D

claudiopoi said...

pota ang daming typo. ang liit kasi ng laptop ko.

*paraNg ang drama lang.
*part 2 ng lasingaN.


Will said...

I think we bloggers should all post a "letter addressed to self".

claudiopoi said...

hear to that. :)

ahmer said...

hmmm napaisip ako sa comment ni @Will. hehe
gawa ako maya : D

@claudiopoi ilonggo?

claudiopoi said...

ahmer: sige, gawa ka bilis! :D hindi po ako ilonggo eh, bisaya. pero bumisita lang dito sa bacolod kasi may bisness-bisnesan kami dito. :D

Xprosaic said...

Ahahahahhaha unang paragraph pa lang may naalala na ako... Go placid amidst the --------- and remember what peace there may be in silence... lol... teka dumugo ilong ko...lol... pero ayos yan minsan kinakausap talaga natin mga sarili natin para lang magreality check paminsan minsan...lol... anlayo! lol... basta yun! ahahahhahahaha

claudiopoi said...

hahaha. tamaaaaaaaaaaaa! :) actually, i wanted to have my own desiderata, kaya nung naging malungkot ako, ginawa ko nalang siya. hehe :) halata ba masyado ang resemblance? hihihi :D

ahmer said...

Serious Comment. Hehe

My philosophy is that we are each responsible for our own happiness. Life may deal us the cards, but it's up to us as to how we choose to play them. We can be either positive or negative, optimistic or pessimistic - it's largely a matter of choice. Not to say that I don't occasionally visit the dark side, but I realize that when I do, that I need to adjust. Not always easy in the moment, but achievable in the long run.

Central to all of this is to accept ourselves as we are, warts and all. Not to say that we shouldn't be aware of our shortcomings and work to improve. But the ability to love yourself is key to feeling worthy and accepting the love of others.

Beautifully written.

BTW, Desiderata has been my beacon of light when I used to complain at the way life is treating me. It gives me wisdom and inspiration for living life to the full.

Tissue Please! LOL

glentot said...

"you need to temper your over-indulgent exploits and lessen your propensity for hurting other people’s hearts" haha I can't say Amen it's too fun!

claudiopoi said...

@ahmer: thanks for the serious comment. appreciated much. hehe :) pero totoo naman eh. kasi in a way, i can say that desiderata was my own redemptive essay din eh. ako, ive been a frequent visitor to the dark side. dati nga, i thought hindi na talaga kayang bumalik sa tamang landas -- pero desiderata is a simple reminder that we are the very masters of our own fate, and that quite ironically, the it is the simple things that define the most complex life developments that we have. gawa ka din ng desiderata mo. masaya. empowering na affirming. :)

@glentot: haha. ikaw na ang heartbreaker! :)

wanderingcommuter said...

definitey a mover...

for a moment, i caught myself believing that the letter was actually intended for me... nice entry!

claudiopoi said...

thanks naman wanderingcommuter! :) glad you liked it. :D