Saturday, May 28


i guess it just happens when you least expect it to happen.

in the midst of spirited conversation and intermittent banter, what is bound to happen, happens.

i personally do not know when i came to that realization, but once i saw the irony of things making more sense and being more clear when the consciousness is altered and everything seems to be a blur, i came to understand that sometimes things can be too simple, but we are the very architects of our own evils, confusions, and paranoia.

"tagay", sambit ni dino.

"isa pa ka round", matod pang nelbin.

"di na ko, goods nako", tua ra si edon.

in that fleeting but very real moment of us collectively traversing the world of spirits, and transcending the limited possibilities of reality by the intrusion of the beautiful poison of choice, we have practically become brothers.

yes, in that shared moment of brotherhood and camaraderie, our hearts, for once, smile a genuine smile, and we know that even when the world can rip us apart and gnaw at our very core, we can still be happy.

memories, they say, can be very deceiving. sometimes, when your life is practically reduced to shit and you have nothing else to cling on to but the blissful recollections of the past and the nonchalance of life, you will think of happiness that was effortless, the temporariness of sadness, and the constant promise of love.

and when this juxtaposition ensues, your lips can only curl to form a genuine smile, and you know that even when the world has broken your heart and spirit, you can still be happy.

for in the rubble of an altered reality, the anecdotes that have been repeated for the umpteenth time, the beautiful poison of choice, and the fraternal warmth from those who have practically become your lifesavers, you suddenly realize:

yes, we all change, but our friendships will ever remain constant.


Mac Callister said...

you still has many reasons to smile and be happy :-)

claudiopoi said...

ang aga sir.

anyway, yes, tama ka. :)

EN said...

we are the architects of our own evils, confusions, and paranoia. I can't agree more to that!

Hi I'm En.happy blogging. :D

claudiopoi said...

hi @en!

welcome to my bahay. :)

Ar-Ar Malalis said...

very inspiring!

wanderingcommuter said...

last photo... new kids on the block? hahaha with the oversized coat, its authentic 90s ambiance.

Nowitzki Tramonto said...

"but we are the very architects of our own evils, confusions, and paranoia."~ astegh :)


fox said...

totoy na totoy ang looks mo dito ah.. hehehe

claudiopoi said...


salamat naman at nainspire ka sa beer, kaibigan. :)


oo! uso pa kasi ang mga studio pics nun. that was us, only 60 to 70 pounds lighter. hehe. :)


oo. alam mo yan, bilang ikaw ay isang arkitekt! :)

claudiopoi said...

opo sir @fox, birhen at busilak pa ako dyan. hehe. :)

RJ said...

wooo!:) this a must read when everything seems to crumble apart.

Anonymous said...

I had the same realization this week. :)

claudiopoi said...


tama! beer and friendship is an uncanny combination that can rescue us anytime. :)


ria, is that you? :)

glentot said...

Aww namiss ko tuloy ang mga old time friends ko. I wonder what those losers are up to...

claudiopoi said...

master @glentot,

yan din ang tanong ko sa sarili ko. hehe :) i've been so detached lately, di ko na alam kung nasaan na yung mga mokong na yun.

Kane said...

Kuwento ka about them in detail =) Give them flesh, blood and tears!


APE said...

That dude (last photo) wearing an oversized coat IS THE MAN.